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TESTIMONIALS  - These are just a few words from the 1000's of  students taught in our Easy Rider Motorcycle Training MSF courses!


TESTIMONIALS from our STUDENTS - Read what they say!  They may change the way you look at things! You can thank them later! ------------------------- CLICK HERE For YouTube VIDEOS of STUDENTS: WHY THEY TRAVELED PAST ALL OTHERS - WHAT THEY THINK.
I was blessed to have taken the cycle safety course with Dan & Karen Blecha of Easy Rider Motorcycle Training in Palm Coast this past weekend, going through this course was literally like "Taking off your old clothes....and putting on a brand new set that fits just right" for once I was I can SEE! This course has changed my whole riding technique, along with so much important knowledge that I feel will more than likely "save my life one day" that one small detail that can be the difference between life or death.

For all of us cycle riders out there, we realize that you basically only get ONE chance out in the real world on a motorcycle, if you screw up or make a mistake, it could be your last. I have been riding all my life, and like most riders out there that hasn't been to a course like Dan & Karen offers, we have been doing it wrong, all those years! I would highly recommend this course to anyone who rides a bike whether you have a motorcycle endorsement on your license or not, what you will learn will change your riding skills and shape you into a good rider or (biker).

Keep up the Great Work.....Dan & Karen Blecha, I have already recommended your school to a fellow rider who's getting ready to enroll.

Robert J Ford — at Jax Beach 7-22-2012
BRC 1-22-2012: Steve W. (a very experienced Custom Bike Rider) called the NEXT DAY to say " I CANNOT BELIEVE The DIFFERENCE In RIDING AFTER TAKING YOUR COURSE. Today I Rode All Day & Never Got Tired, Sore, Uncomfortable. Today Was The MOST FUN I EVER HAD even after ALL Those Years I Have Ridden. Curves Are So Much Fun Yet Are NOW So Simple. Stopping Is NOW Nothing Like I Stopped Before. I Can't Get Enough Of RIDING NOW. You At Easy Rider Motorcycle Training CHANGED EVERYTHING - You Changed My Life For So Much More FUN. I am going to tell EVERYONE I SEE About You."  --------------------- David S. ( a New Rider) states: "This Class Was SO AMAZING. I Had SO MUCH FUN. Karen & Dan Are GREAT INSTRUCTORS - The BEST". Jane T. (Head of Operations at Blue Corss / Blue Shield says: "Very Reasonably Priced. Excellent Coaches Who CARE That YOU LEARN The RIGHT WAY."


BRC 6-5-2011 -- Although We Take MUCH MORE TIME than anyone to do more and tell more and practice more - Mike said: He wanted MORE of our training. (Mike is a very experienced rider since he was 4. Jason who initially thought it was a waste of time and money said: "I LOVED THE COURSE"! Krystal had this to say: "Thanks so much for helping me overcome a fear I've had ALL MY LIFE. The Class was AWESOME". Erica said: "I would do this class AGAIN in a HEARTBEAT"!
(BRC 5-22-2011) Mary Ingoldsby said: Thanks Guys! You Don't Know What a BENEFIT & LIFE ALTERING EXPERIENCE You GAVE ME!    ------ Michael Salyerds: Had a GREAT TIME - LOVED the CLASS. Dan & Karen are VERY, VERY GOOD at Helping Us To Be OUR BEST!

The Wild Bunch (Class of May 15, 2011) had a few comments such as: Jenn "You both were very kind and patient with me. Your class was great!". Maddy "Extremely professional and easy tutorials to correct your mistakes. Looking forward to Part II" (experienced class). Cely "You guys are awesome and so much fun to be around & learn from. Thank You!' Ben (former military, EMT & more) wrote: I've been throw many skills classes & this by far is the best learning experience I've ever had."  Joe "Almost EVERYTHING I thought I knew about riding was INCORRECT. My daughter will be here soon!" Sharron "This was a HUGE THING FOR ME! Thank You!" Dianne "Both instructors were so honest and helpful. Thank you!" Mel "Both instructors were EXCELLENT! Would Love To Ride  With Them!" Pat said "Expect others to come that I recommend! You had a great sense of humor! Being my 2nd Time Around (he 1st went to anther local so-called "school"), There Was A DISTINCT DIFFERENCE - Night & Day, which I appreciate GREATLY! The entire weekend was a boat-load of fun. Thank you for an excellent class!!!"

A Few of Testimonials from Basic Rider Course completed May 8, 2011 ---- Reece Maines wrote: "Great Class - A+++. Amazing Teachers!" Zach Wheeler: "Had a BLAST! Very Fun Weekend & Loved Riding!" Brian Carroll: "Dan & Karen are Real Professionals, Organized & REAL PEOPLE PERSONS!" Rashawn Burkes: " I'm very happy to have been in this class & I LOVED IT". Tonya Hornung: "Great Job - THANK YOU!" Kathie Bathwell: "I learned EVERYTHING & now feel more confident that I will be able to ride well". Tariq Kerrou: "Great Coaches! MOST of the TECHNIQUES I KNEW of WERE WRONG! I Learned A LOT!!!" Terry Muskett: " Great Course! I Learned A LOT!, even though i had never been on a bike before". Tyler Prescott: "Great Teachers! I learned how your eyes have a lot to do with control and stability of the bike". Don Riley: "Very Informative Course".  
Comments from BRC 5-1-2011: Flagler County Sheriff Department's finest Lou Miceli said: "The BEST CLASS I HAVE EVER TAKEN". (he should know classes - smile -- Sean Mohan said: "Great experience. Glad I had the opportunity to learn the RIGHT WAY to Ride". Bryan Warrick said: "You guys & gal are AWESOME". Carol Dickson wrote: "Dan & Karen are patient & very well trained in what they teach". Jackie Swain: "Enjoyed the class TOTALLY". Evan Elston: "Superb Training & Excellent Hands-on Riding made this course a pleasant experience". Mike Bennici: "You guys are AMAZING! Very Passionate & Understanding. Patient as well!" ----Thanks to you all for your kind words -- Hope they inspire others to "Learn from the best" to change their life forever in many ways!  
Just a Few of One Class's Comments ------ 4-24-2011

Dustin Gurney: "Nothing Short Of An AMAZING EXPERIENCE".

 Joanne Zase: "Both of you're support was TREMENDOUS".

Deven Dragojevic: "Thank you for teaching me".

Nick Tiaskkin: "This course was AWESOME. Great learning experience / LOVED IT!"

Jack Bakowski: " GREAT EXPERIENCE".

Luiz Rivera: "It Was AMAZING!"

 Amy Combs: "Dan & Karen Blecha are Wonderful Coaches. They made learning FUN & did not make you feel any anxiety. Excellent Instructors. I will be back for your ADVANCED TRAINING!"

Ty Cowell wrote: "Dan & Karen were sensitive to different learning styles. Not only did I learn motorcycle skills, I was reminded of IMPORTANT Life Lessons." ---    3-20-2011

A.J. (Anthony DePasquale) Testimomial 2-6-2011: Before reading my testimonial, let me tell you my story: Last year my brother was killed while riding his motorcycle when a car pulled out in front of him. Within the year, I too was involved in a serious motorcycle crash. ---- After taking Daniel & Karen Blecha's Easy Rider Motorcycle Training I say this to them: "You guys are life savers! If I had Not Taken this course, I would be dead!" They taught and showed not only what to do but WHY it was so important! They made me think about things that I never dreamed of before - not only about riding but driving and other parts of living well. ------Thank you Dan & Karen! ----- I'm looking forward to riding with you both!


Testimonial From Matt Fitzpatrick  1-2011

Having successfully completed this course, I would be remiss if I did not leave this feedback:

First and foremost, this class was as much FUN as it was informative.

If you are interested in “just passing” (legally able to go get yourself hurt or worse), this course does NOT just do that! ---If you are really interested in riding safely and learning things that will save your life, THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU! The emphasis is on saving lives, both yours and others! This course will make you a BETTER CAR DRIVER too.

I am 67 years old, never ridden but decided to inquire about riding a motorcycle. 15 years ago, I had a bad accident to my left hand … yep, the clutch hand, that left me with limited mobility. When contacting Easy Rider, I explained my issues and needed to know before I invested in the course. Daniel & Karen even offered me the opportunity to visit and try beforehand the operation of the clutch. They even offered me the use of their “scooters”. I was determined to ride but learned that DETERMINATION IS ONLY PART OF RIDING – Much more is required!

I was taught things I never would have dreamed were important! I learned riding techniques and awareness that the novice (and even very experienced) rider would not even consider, without this course. Even experienced riders in the class WERE AMAZED at what they learned. One experienced rider in the class dropped his bike but was immediately complimented on how he dropped the bike (and the whole class discussed what was done wrong & what should have been done – WOW). This “fall” was in a curve. Fact: 40 % of fatal crashes occur in curves. That means all those riders probably did not know (were never properly trained) how to go around a curve. The correct technique is NOT how must do it. As Daniel says: “Ignorance may be bliss, but it also is deadly.” Yes, there is a “right way to do everything”. The wrong way causes major problems.

Easy Rider Motorcycle Training also offers an Advanced Course. It is “on your bike & must be insured”.

If you are sincerely interested, no matter your skill level in learning to ride SAFELY, CONFIDENTLY, and COMFORTABLY with vast knowledge of instilled in all, this course is for you. I highly recommend for ALL RIDERS. You can contact me at:!

Kind Regards  --- Matthew Fitzpatrick

PS: Even if no interest in motorcycles, you, your spouse, or your children will learn much about car driving and much more about living a great, successful life!


Dan and Karen



Dan and Karen


Dan and Karen

Dear Dan and Karen,

You guys are absolutely the best motorcycle safety trainers. My neighbor Bruce recommended you for this class, he talked highly of you. Well his praise of you and your style of teaching was the understatement of the year for me. Not only are you excellent instructors but exceptional people. As a couple you enhance each other like I have never seen before. Dan and Karen you "are" making a positive difference in the world. I have been blessed to have met you both.

Easter weekend was the only time that I was able to attend your class. Being a single Dad of two young children it is hard for me to spend the time required to complete the course. Your sacrifice working holidays was a godsend to me. I am so grateful that you guys are not selfish and are truly doing this because you love it. I know that because of your unselfish teaching you have saved lives, enhanced lives and are making the roads more save for motorcyclists.

Unknown to you I am disabled. I like to call it "abled" I have serious nerve damage to both legs, especially my right leg and I am unable to raise my feet in the "normal" fashion. I was not confident that I would even be able to ride, shift, brake and so on. I didn't tell you of my difference from others because I didn't want special treatment, well we all got special treatment and on the first day you helped to boost my confidence.

I have made some new friends in your class, I hope to see all of them on the road. I will not forget your teachings and will be back for refresher training as I can afford. Dan and Karen I thank you from the whole of my heart for helping to keep me save on the road. Thank You!

Michael Taylor
Easter class 2010


March 21, 2010 BRC (Basic Rider Course)



                     Joseph Hicks (Air Force - Tigers)



TESTIMONIALS from our STUDENTS - Read what they say!


"The Best!"

I own several businesses involving retail, service and manufacturing. Also I am a long time rider who just happened to do what many others have done: fail to get their motorcycle endorsement for many years. Finally it caught up to me. That was a GOOD THING actually. I learned so much! One of my business locations is next door to a different training school than yours, so EVERY WEEKEND I have watched classes they give. What I saw was not worthy of anyone's time and money (even if it was free). I have heard from tons of customers & friends that Easy Rider Motorcycle Training is the BEST and the only one they send anyone to. THEY WERE RIGHT! I now hand your cards out to everyone and instruct all my employees to hand out your cards. We keep them on hand for all to see! Thank you Dan & Karen. ---Jim D --10-2009



  • WOW!


    Thanks Karen & Dan!

    I never would have thought there was such a big difference! Next time I will listen to my wife! She said she heard you and your training are the best. My buddy wanted me to go with him somewhere else because he "got a deal" so I did. She came to you! I watched her going through both the riding and sat in your classroom and I must say I learned more watching your training than I learned actually taking the course in another place.-MY LOSS! I forever will only recommend your training programs to everyone!

    I now tell everyone to not settle for wasting time and money but go to EASY RIDER MOTORCYCLE TRAINING. Fact is I just signed up for your next EXPERIENCED COURSE for myself, my wife and several friends.

    You guys really TEACH! and make it fun too.

    Again WOW!

    See you both soon!

"II have attended many different classes over the years - driving schools, college classes, professional animal training and others and I can say that this course taught by Dan & Karen was by far the best class I ever took! I thought I knew how to ride before but learned so much more than I thought possible!

Thank you very much, Dan & Karen, for the great training!

J E Gordon- well known animal trainer of the stars, former stunt man and noted author of animal behavior material.

November 11 2007 Graduate

  • I was told by others that I could never ride a 2 wheeled motorcycle, only a 3 wheeled "trike" at best. You told me that you were confident that "we can help you to become a very good rider" and you did just that. Thank you Dan & Karen! The class was great! Peter R. Liga, Port Orange, FL.
  • November 5, 2006
  •  Pete has offered to help assist and advise others with any type of physical disabilities.
  • By the way, Pete has only 1arm.Call us for his contact information anytime!
  • Recently we successfully taught a gentleman with no legs, only prosthetics to ride well.
  •  Another "success" was a totally deaf man who acquired his Motorcycle Endorsement.
  • Our philosophy is that if one is willing to learn and work hard, almost anything is possible!
  • With my over 20 years of  riding experience, Dan, I thought you were nuts until I tried what you told me to do. Cornering is now so easy. Wished I would taken the course years earlier! Pete from West Virginia
  • April, 2007
  •  Pete owns both a Harley and a Boss Hoss (502 c inch V8 engine), He stands 6'7", 300 lbs.
  • Murray completed the course on 11/4/2007 and called the next day saying: "Karen, thank you so much for the course. Today I went riding as I often do. I was day-dreaming for just a second and was into a curve much faster than I should have BUT the motor memory skills you taught kicked in. I heard your voice telling me to look, press and roll on the throttle. I made the curve safely! Without the course I would have crashed!" Murray- Palm Coast.
"I was very skeptical about the course and my daughter taking the course, but after I took the class along with her, I see first-hand the enormous value in it!" You made it fun, interesting and challenging for us!

Thank you very much, Dan & Karen, for the great training your school provided both of us!

Paul K. - Palm  Coast, FL.

October 2006 Graduate

  • "My daughter, who is a first time rider, took your class this summer. I was very impressed with what she learned and how safety minded she is. I thank you very much! Today I wish to register myself to take your course as soon as you have a seat available for me."
  • Dana H. - Palm Coast, FL.
  • October 2006

MSF course fulfilled a goal I was previously unable to obtain. Taking this course, (Basic RiderCourse) they were able to take me step by step on how to operate a motorcycle. Everything was so perfectly paced that I was able to get over any fears I had (namely dropping the clutch!). This course was the only way I was going to be able to learn the controls and learn to ride safely.

Now, I'm not left behind when my father goes riding with his friends on scenic journeys through Florida's countryside!

I recommend this course over any others out there, just call 386-793-3262 to register.

Colin W. - Ormond Beach, FL
Recent Graduate

Dear Fellow Cycle Enthusiasts,

I have been riding for the better part of 20 years and I first took an MSF class in 1987. I recently completed the BRC here in Flagler County and just want everyone to know  the staff are a fantastic group of people and the Basic Rider Course is a great program for the brand new as well as experienced rider. Even if you are brand new to the sport of motorcycling, don’t worry about a thing! You will be treated with dignity, patience and like you are one of the family. For me, it was good to know the good habits I picked up almost 20 years ago as a result of MSF training have stuck with me and the program is a fun and worthwhile way to get your Florida motorcycle endorsement.

I highly recommend the MSF course to anyone thinking about getting on a motorcycle, regardless of experience or gender. These folks are simply the best!

Freddy V.
2004 Suzuki Intruder Volusia
Graduate Class of August 21, 2005

I had a great time taking the MSF Basic RiderCourse. It was a very informative class and the trainers "knew their stuff". Actually, this is my second time taking the course. I first took the course in 1989. I haven't been riding for years and needed "my motorcycle mojo back". So, I just bought a new 2004 Honda VTX 1300 and took the course.

George S. - St Augustine, FL
Graduate 7/2005
2004 Honda VTX 1300
Known to TJ as "whistlin' George!"

Hi Guys!

I want to tell you that I had an opportunity to use the training that you and the other coaches instilled in me....and thank God, you did.

My husband and I were riding the other day and got caught in a downpour. We were heading back home on Rte 100 and the school busses were leaving so traffic was backed up. We inched our way through the traffic and finally got moving right around the hospital. My husband was leading and we were in the left hand lane. The right lane is a turn only lane to get on I-95. A guy driving a pickup truck cut right in between us and I had to react very quickly. I had to apply both brakes because my front tire was inches from his truck. I started to go into a rear wheel skid and I was able to release the brake; reapply it, and keep the bike upright without hitting the truck or going down. It was like all of you were talking to me at that moment.

I really believe that if I had not taken your course, I would have been hurt....and my hubby agrees. He said he was so thankful that I had taken the course and didn't panic and was able to react properly and control the bike.

I have now ridden almost 2000 miles on the Sportie and that was the first time that I had a close call.

You can never let your guard down--not even for a second. I just hope that the next time a situation arises; I'll be able to handle it as well. That's why we are both going to take the Experienced RiderCourse after I get more riding time in.

Just thought you would like to know that you really do make a difference.

Thanks again,
Harley Davidson Sportster


The MSF Course was a great class to take. The Riding Coaches were wonderful and very helpful.

I had just bought a motorcycle about three weeks before and had done a lot of studying of the manual, but the MSF Course" gave me better understanding of riding motorcycles. It helped my confidence and taught me ways to ride my motorcycle safer and better. Knowing those things and applying them help me to enjoy riding my motorcycle a lot more. I definitely will be taking the advance riders class when I get the opportunity and will probably be bringing my girlfriend so she can learn how to ride with me.

Just saying I am glad I took the class is a big understatement. If anyone is not sure about taking the class, you definitely should, it's well worth your while. I'm sure it will save you from an accident and possibly save your life!  That makes it worth taking, doesn't it?

Thanks you guys
You guys definitely save lives!  
Josh S. - Palm Coast
Graduate 5/2005

Hey all. My name is Jacqui C, from Palm Coast Florida.

I took the MSF Course (can't remember the exact date- sometime in May this year). I signed up for the course after moving to Florida last year, and decided that after 20 years of dreaming of riding, and going through a battle with breast cancer, that it was time to realize this dream. Taking the Pre-Course AND the regular Basic RiderCourse was the BEST investment I have ever made.

I had never ridden a bike before, my whole experience was on smaller mo-peds. Mark and John were extremely patient, thorough and meticulous in driving home all the important skills needed to be a safe rider, and to be able to enjoy the ride. They covered all the important aspects, and monitored the class in a way that encouraged the best from everyone, no matter what their individual skill set. We had fun and got to make friends in the class.

I left the class enthused and excited to be riding. I started out on a Yamaha Virago 250CC (similar to one on the course). After one month of riding, I am now on a Yamaha 1100 Classic! All of the things that John and Mark taught, I have used over and over, and it has made my riding experience a safe and positive one.

I would also like to recommend US 1 Powersports. I was referred there by Mark and TJ, and told that I would be treated with respect and not "sold" a bike, but put on something that I could handle. TJ and Mark were not wrong. Dan is not only a wonderful salesperson - product knowledge and what suits an individual - but he CARES about everyone that walks into that showroom.  Dan has a passion for riding that he wants to share with everyone. He made me feel very comfortable, and being a woman I was worried that I would be "hustled". Dan sat and explained every option that I had, assisted me with financing, and after a month of riding the 250cc, he went above and beyond to get me my dream bike- Yamaha 1100 Classic. After you have been trained to ride by Mark, go and see Dan, and you will be on top of the world! Thanks Dan! <hug>

I highly recommend Easy Rider Motorcycle Training MSF Course - their passion, zeal, thoroughness, care and knowledge will carry you into the world of riding with a distinct advantage - for life. I am so happy, that I intend to sign my sons up for the program they may have for kids to learn about dirt bikes. <waves>

<hugs> Hey TJ! Hey Mark! Hey John! <hugs>
Thanks guys - I love riding!
Now UP TO: Yamaha VStar 1100 Classic


I just wanted to let you know I enjoyed the Basic RiderCourse very much. Since I had never been on a motorcycle before I found the course a 100% total learning experience. Since I completed the course I bought a VStar 1100 Silverado and I plan to take the Experienced Rider Course in the future .

Thanks again.
Mike A - Palm Coast, FL
Graduate 5/2005
Yamaha VStar 1100 Silverado
I took the MSF course class July 7, 9 and 10.  I was very impressed  with the the Rider Coaches, Range Assistants and the caliber of training that I received.  I graduated from the class with the skills and confidence that are essential to safe motor cycle riding.   My husband and I are looking forward to taking the Experienced Rider Course class together.  I want to thank all the coaches again for the excellent training  that I received. 

Hope to see you on the road.....thanks again,    
Teresa H - Flagler Beach, FL
Graduate 7/2005
Harley Davidson 883 Sportster


With very limited riding experience I wanted to make sure that I learned the basics. This course (Basic RiderCourse) met and exceeded my expectations. The class structure was very well prepared which made learning easy. The instructors are incredible. Their passion for safe motorcycling is evident with the step-by-step instruction. I didn’t just attend a class, I have a new hobby and I made new friends. I just took my first daytrip on my new bike to Georgia. I ran out of day before I ran out of fun. I’ve recommended the class to all of my friends that have an interest in riding and now I encourage you. . . stop reading testimonials and register today. You will have a great time learning to ride safely.

Thanks to the ENTIRE staff.

Troy Harper
Graduate 5/2005
2005 Honda ST1300
Known to TJ as "Mr. 911!"


RiderCoaches: Cindy and Lynn Harris
JAN 2006


APRIL 2006


  • Just wanted to say thanks for offering the class.
    I now have a little more confidence in my riding skills.
    Took my bike out everyday since passing the class!
    It is awesome!
    -Jenna S.
  • I had fun and learned SO MUCH!
    - Brenda T.
  • "Thank you for one of the BEST EXPERIENCES of my life!
    - Debbie A.
  • It was a great class,
    I enjoyed taking it!
    - Tina L.
  • I would recommend this
    class to ALL!
    - Joannie D.
  • "Overall this course ROCKED!"
    - Mary Beth C.
  • Thanks to ALL!
    - Arlene L.
  • Instructors were extremely patient and had a great attitude!
    - Judy B.
  • Cindy and Lynn - you guys are GREAT!
    - Priscilla S.
  • Loved it - Had a wonderful time"
    - Kim S.
  •   "Great class"
    - Marcia J.
  • "Amazing! Loved the class!"
    - Summer S.
  • "Great experience, fun stuff."
    - Christel G
  • "Thank you - learned a lot and had fun!"
     - Lorrie R.
  • "Well paced, nice progression of skill development. I came far in a short time."
    - Rosie B.
  • "Many thanks."
    - Susan B.
  • "Excellent class - all women class was a real plus. You cannot find better - more patient coaches."
    - Linda H.
  • "Everyone was great. The staff was very inspiring as well as supporting."
    - Grace W.
  • "Need to offer all girls classes - was less intimidating this way."
    - Kathy D.
  • "Easy Rider Motorcycle Training MSF Web Site, Staff and Coaches were exceptional!"
    - Sabrina H.
Hi Guys!

I am so grateful for the excellent training you gave me. I felt comfortable from the beginning thru the end (pouring rain and all ) of the course (Basic RiderCourse ). You guys are great teachers/trainers and the course was an experience I think everyone thinking of riding should take.

Thank you so much!
Sonja - Palm Coast, FL
Graduate 2/2005

Just want to say thanks to the whole crew for teaching me about motorcycles and the do's and don'ts of the the road - a job well done, in spite of a pending hurricane.

I am a little older then the majority of your students and a beginner with the motorcycle so I was apprehensive about the course
(Basic RiderCourse ). Your crew made learning how to ride enjoyable. Their experience and knowledge, with the tips they offered, are helping me now to safely enjoy this new experience even more than I thought possible.

The course is done with serious attention to the practical and a sense of humor to relax the most anxious of students. Constantly giving encouragement and helpful hints to correct a problem the student might be having.

Keep up the good work making our roads a little safer with better riders out there.

Thanks again
Barb T - Palm Coast, FL
Graduate 7/2005

Thanks to you folks at the MSF Course, here in Palm Coast. I am having a SAFE and ENJOYABLE time riding my motorcycle. The course offered excellent info, i.e. book learnin' ,as well as, extremely valuable practical experience on the outdoor motorcycle proficiency course. The knowledge gained from this course continues to help me every time I climb on my bike and venture out into the street.

I was also very impressed with the insight, personal experiences, and guidance the Rider Coaches willingly offered to enhance my knowledge and learning experience. In addition, I will always be grateful to Mark and Rich for the genuine advice and recommendations when I began researching the purchase of my motorcycle. It sure helped!

Thanks again. I am looking forward to enrolling in your Experienced Rider Course.

Best Regards,
Tom K - Palm Coast, FL
Graduate 6/2005
2004 Kaw. Vulcan 800 CLASSIC

Not To Be Missed!

That is in short what I experienced on the MSF course. Being what I felt was an rider with some considerable experience I approached the Basic RiderCourse with a degree of "not sure I need this" feeling. To then find myself among many experienced riders and the odd newey' was not only good fun, but a positive learning experience. We all had some stories to tell. My adage of "we never stop learning in life" came through again as I recognized and learned a great deal, and also ironed out the odd bad habits. The fact that what you learn on the course could also save your life, one fine day, makes it a must for any rider.

Bernie (the Brit) - Palm Coast, FL

Graduate 6/2005
650 Yamaha V Star

The Basic Rider Course is just what I needed!

I use the applications taught to me every time I ride. I didn't realize the small things I would do wrong while riding my bike before taking the class. Challenging as the course is, I would recommend it to everyone who enjoys motorcycles!!!!

Thank you so much. You've given me techniques that will stay with me forever. Great RIDING!!!!! 

Melissa M. - Hastings, FL
Graduate 6/2005

Kawasaki  Ninja 500

P.S. Tell Rich I still want my gold star.




Graduate 6/2005

My experience with the MSF Course (at Palm Coast) as a new rider was exceptional!

As a new bike owner, and not been on a motorcycle for many years, without a doubt I needed the training necessary to safely ride my new toy. RC's Mark and Rich took me through the weekend course and provided block of instructions during the road course that greatly helped me gain confidence. The Basic RiderCourse provided the tools and techniques, that when properly applied, will help me become a good offensive and defensive rider.

No second thoughts about this course. I strongly recommended.

Enjoy the ride!
Hector O. - Palm Coast, FL
Graduate 2/2005

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FINAL WORDS: Before you can fire-up your motorcycle's ignition and go rolling down the highway, you need to learn basic information to keep you safe and ride smart. This means spending quality time in both the classroom and on the range with a Easy Rider Motorcycle Training MSF Certified Instructor (Rider Coach). Our course is a fast-moving, interactive program which will introduce you to the world of motorcycling - come join us!  Share the PASSION OF THE RIDE!