LOWEST PRICES - WORLD CLASS TRAINING. (Read the testimonials & Why Many fly into town JUST for OUR COURSES & no one else's anywhere in the WORLD!)

Ex. 1: "I am Steve Emmett, Mayor of Beverly Beach. I have been riding for years all over the world.  I thought I was an expert. Boy was I wrong! Dan & Karen at Easy Rider changed my life!"

Ex 2: Lynn Harris said "Another school made me want to cry! They did not show me anything! They told me I was not capable of riding". ---Since "finding us", she has ridden about 40,000 miles to Quebec, Ohio, NY, NC, Tenn., rides the "Tail of  the Dragon" at Deals Gap, and more.

--- We hear the above and more every week! We make "smiles"! Dare to "become a "believer too"!

1) Basic RiderCourseSM

Price: $225 - Never "price shop".  QUALITY of INSTRUCTION is what makes riding GREAT. Former experienced & beginner students say "Although priceless,  $1,500 - $3,000 per student would be more than fair". * There really is a DIFFERENCE*

"2 1/2 days of Classroom & tons of Riding. Includes motorcycle, helmet, gloves, workbooks, etc

Upon Successful completion receive Florida MC Waiver Endorsement Card

If you who have NEVER RIDDEN, or it has been a long time, or have never taken a basic course, learn to ride safe.  Because the more you KNOW the BETTER it GETS.

See why people fly in from other states and countries to come to Easy Rider rather than any other!

2) Advanced RiderCourseSM

Cost: $100  -  Approx. 5 hours: For Experienced Riders (AND a Passenger can ride also gaining confidence).

*Student provides own INSURED motorcycle and proper protective gear.

For those who are CURRENTLY riding their OWN motorcycle* who would like to brush up on skills, regain comfort and confidence & Receive Nice Insurance Discounts.

This course "makes riding fun again for everyone!"

Often the "World Champ" takes our courses. Many Riders visit us annually to stay safe & have more fun.

3) Private RiderCourseSM

$100 per hour. Min. 2 hours - Individual

(Call for our Private GROUP RATES)

Includes motorcycle, helmet, gloves, workbooks, etc.

4) Head Start Program---Pre Course Exposure

$100 ----2 Hour Introduction to Riding -----This course helps those that wonder if they "like" riding and/or if they have the necessary physical attributes to learn to ride. It builds confidence!

Includes motorcycle, helmet, gloves, etc.