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Q How many hours will we be on the "riding range" on our motorcycles?
A Depending on how the class runs, normal target time is ten hours on the range for Basic Rider (BRC) and 6 hours on the range for Experienced Rider (ERC). This can vary depending on circumstances, so please devote the entire weekend to the course. We're in no rush, neither should you be.
Q What is a RiderCoach?
A A RiderCoach (an "RC") is a term used by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation to describe their (and our) trained and certified instructors. RiderCoaches are professionals and undergo extensive training and scrutiny. They must have years of motorcycle experience and a passion for the sport. RiderCoaches also must re-certify with the state every two years, and follow strict legal and moral codes.
Q What kind of motorcycles will we be riding in the Basic Course?
A We currently use Kawasaki 125 Eliminators, or 125cc Yamaha SCOOTERS. The idea here is not for speed or power, but for precision and control. Once a student develops a solid foundation on one of these bikes, then they can graduate to a larger machine.
Q Will tennis shoes be acceptable?
A No. All shoes or boots must cover the ankle bone. They should be made of leather, and can not be made of canvas (sorry, no Red Ball Jets). An ideal boot, besides an actual motorcycle riding boot, is a hiking boot or work boot with a relatively low heel. Just use common sense.
Q Do I need to have rain gear for the class?
A Yes. We will ride in the rain. After all, the elements are part of motorcycling! Barring, high winds or lightning, we will continue the course, so be prepared and bring a rain coat or rain suit. A poncho is not good, as it can become entangled in the bike. Here again, use common sense.
Q Can my friends or family come and watch me on the riding range?
A Certainly! Hopefully they'll get the bug and want to try their hand at riding. Please be sure that you tell everyone to stay off the actual range during riding hours, for everyone's safety. We'll be glad to talk with them during breaks.
Q Where is the Easy Rider Motorcycle Training Course taught?
A Our facilities are located on the beautiful Flagler Palm Coast High School campus on Highway 100, just west of I-95 in Southern Flagler County. Click here for more information.
Q I "only ride a scooter". Do I have to take the BasicRider Course? Scooter is over 50 cc's OR if less than 51 cc's, CANNOT go over 30 mph on level ground. Most do "nowadays"! Don't get arrested for "thinking" you do not need a motorcycle license!
A In the state of Florida, any person  must take the Basic RiderCourse in order to earn their motorcycle endorsement on their Florida drivers license. It is our belief that everyone should take this course regardless of age or experience. It is that valuable.
Q Do I need a drivers license to take the BasicRider Course?
A In the state of Florida, you must hold at least a Class E learner license in order to participate in the Basic RiderCourse. If you have any questions in regards to this requirement, or if you hold an out of state drivers license, then please contact us.
Q Do you offer special training to groups?
A Yes! We can make accommodations for a group. Call us for your special needs!. Refer to the COURSE LINK for more information, but a call will likely be better.
Q I have not ridden a motorcycle for several years and want to get back into it.  Which class would be best for me?
A In this situation, we would recommend the Basic RiderCoursesm. It will allow you to get your feet wet again, and re-learn your skills in a step-by-step method. You will find that riding a motorcycle is like riding a bicycle. You never forget how, but you sure can get rusty. You can't be rusty out on the street surrounded by steel behemoths. Get trained, do it right.
Q Do you offer "Motorcycle Club Group Rates"?
A Please contact us in regards to this. We realize that motorcycle clubs want their members safe and support motorcycle clubs in that endeavor.
Q I can not ride a bicycle very well, but can I still take your course?
A You MUST be capable of riding a bicycle, and that you do so on a regular basis. Keep in mind that your riding time in this course is around 10 hours. By the second exercise you will actually be riding the motorcycle "feet up". You must be limber, as well. Without the ability to balance on two wheels at relatively slow speeds, you will quickly fall behind.
Q Am I guaranteed to pass the Basic RiderCoursesm?
A We're not a diploma mill. We are contracted with the state of Florida and the MSF to provide these courses as they were designed. Unfortunately, not everyone, for one reason or another, can or should ride a motorcycle.

Keep in mind that riding a motorcycle is a mental AND physical activity. Motorcycles have no power steering or power brakes, and require your sharp mental acuity to maintain balance, or to come to a safe stop. You will have to earn successful completion of this course. Our course is fun and is taught by skilled motorcycle instructors, but you must meet the instructors half way. If this concerns you, talk to us.

Q How do I get my endorsement at the DMV once I pass the EASY RIDER Course?
A Once you graduate and receive your MSF Completion Card, from Easy Rider Motorcycle Training, take it to your local DMV office. (Electronic Waiver Verification may also be used). Do not surrender your Completion Card, make sure you do not leave it with them. This is a very valuable card.

** Prices subject to change - call your local DMV for the latest information.

Please note - this is NOT a private lesson program, ...you ARE in a group situation. Acceptance in the class does not guarantee successful completion. You MUST keep pace with the rest of the class.

FINAL WORDS: Before you can fire-up your motorcycle's  ignition and go rolling down the highway, you need to learn basic information to keep you safe and ride smart. This means spending quality time in both the classroom and on the range with a EASY RIDER Motorcycle Training MSF certified instructor. Our course is a fast-moving and interactive program which will introduce you to the world of motorcycling.


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