We are Karen & Dan Blecha, owners and Ridercoaches of EasyRiderTraining.com. Besides our love of motorcycling, we love helping others. We moved from upstate NY State years ago after “retiring” so we could enjoy motorcycling throughout the year. It snows a lot in the Buffalo area, as you know.

In addition to helping others learn to ride well, we write a monthly column titled “Easy Riding Along With Us” in Thunder Roads Magazine. We post each article on this web site too.
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Our "LIFE PROJECT" as "Friends Of Mankind" is motivating,  and guiding one's Self Development towards Empowering EVERYONE to become HAPPIER, HEALTHIER & WEALTHIER. Look at our website: http://warmheartedworld.wordpress.com/. Tell us what you think? Our goal is to make the world a better place!

Karen learned to ride about 10 years ago in a certified class. I (Dan) on the other hand, began to ride in my backyard as a teenager. With no bad habits, Karen soon became a natural. I did not become truly comfortable riding until I then took the course. (I almost killed us one evening). Seeing Karen go from knowing nothing to “wow” inspired me. It was more difficult for me than her as I had to overcome my past my wrong techniques, but it freed me to really enjoy riding more than ever. Ignorance may be bliss but it also is dangerous!

Both Karen & I have always been “teachers” without realizing how much teaching we were doing throughout our lives. Karen was Operations Officer for a regional bank. She has taught 100s to operate complex equipment, organize the flow of services, and build complex operations.

Karen is very “hands on” even having her own “tool box” to repair whatever needs fixing. Multi talented, she has been a partner with Dan in the many businesses they have started and developed over the years.

I am a retired NY State Trooper, a retired Financial Advisor who owned Blecha Financial and Blecha Accounting, Author of a WIDELY FOLLOWED weekly Newspaper Column titled “Learning To Use Money”, Real Estate Investor with many properties, Auto Dealership owner, Owner of a Dismantling Yard, and more. I am proud that as a NY State Trooper I received lots of thank you letters from the many I helped.

In our financial companies we have been fortunate to have many former clients contact us to say “thanks” for making sense out of their life and helping to make their family whole again.

In 2001 HUD named us “LandLords of the Year” for our caring approach to housing and families' needs.
My financial column was mailed nationwide for years to households who religiously cut out, read and reread my advice. The column taught to use money just like any tool. In other words simplify to master money rather than most that are controlled by it!

Since “retiring” we love guiding people of all ages from every continent in the world to ride motorcycles with skill, safety, and comfort. So many students stop to say “hi” and to tell how they are doing, ask questions and simply keep in touch. They all are now members of our extended family. They all are Easy Riders! We never plan to “retire” again. We love to share too much to stop giving. Join our Family!