LOWEST PRICES - WORLD CLASS TRAINING. (Read the testimonials & Why many fly into town JUST for OUR COURSES & no one else's, anywhere in the WORLD!)

Ex 1: "I am Steve Emmett, Mayor of Beverly Beach. I have been riding for years all over the world.  I thought I was an expert. Boy was I wrong! Dan & Karen at Easy Rider changed my life!"

Ex 2: Lynn Harris said "Another school made me want to cry! They did not show me anything! They told me I was not capable of riding". ---Since "finding us", she has ridden about 40,000 miles to Quebec, Ohio, NY, NC, Tenn., rides the "Tail of  the Dragon" at Deals Gap, and more.

We hear the above and more every week! We make "smiles"! ----------You too will believe! -----------

               Click on one of the two course selections below

1) Basic RiderCourseSM

Price: $225 - "Price shopping"?  QUALITY of INSTRUCTION is what makes riding GREAT. Former experienced & new riders alike say "They were disappointed with the lack of training at other places. They came to us & learned more than they ever could have dreamed". *There really is a DIFFERENCE*

We Don't Cost You - WE SAVE YOU More Than You Can Imagine!

2 1/2 days of Classroom & tons of Riding. Includes motorcycle, helmet, gloves, workbooks, etc

Upon Successful completion receive Florida MC Waiver Endorsement Card

If you who have NEVER RIDDEN, or it has been a long time, or have never taken a basic course, learn to ride safe.  Because the more you KNOW the BETTER it GETS.

See why people fly in from other states and countries to come to Easy Rider rather than any other!

2) Advanced RiderCourseSM

 $100 - Approx. 5 hours: For Experienced Riders (AND a Passenger can ride also gaining confidence).

*Student provides own INSURED motorcycle and proper protective gear.

For those who are CURRENTLY riding their OWN motorcycle* who would like to brush up on skills, regain comfort and confidence & Receive Nice Insurance Discounts.

This course "makes riding fun again for everyone!"

Often the "World Champ" takes our courses. Many Riders visit us annually to stay safe & have more fun.

Our Experienced Classes are WORLD CLASS - That's Why Riders Drive past dozens of others to COME ONLY TO US - Year After Year! Many Fly In From Other States & Countries to Attend.

3) Private RiderCourseSM

$100 per hour. Min. 2 hours - Individual

(Call for our Private GROUP RATES)

Includes motorcycle, helmet, gloves, workbooks, etc.

4) Head Start Program---Pre Course Exposure

$100 ----2 Hour Introduction to Riding -----This course helps those that wonder if they "like" riding and/or if they have the necessary physical attributes to learn to ride. It builds confidence!

Includes motorcycle, helmet, gloves, etc.



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(Clothing, etc.)

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Basic RiderCourseSM

For beginners and re-entry riders of all ages
and Can ride a bicycle ACTIVELY,

COST: Includes motorcycles, helmets, gloves, classroom materials, & THE BEST TRAINING IN THE U.S.A.

  • Thursday eve and Weekend course (2 1/2 days)
  • We furnish you with a motorcycle (125 - 250 cc)
  • No experience is necessary; EXCEPT
    • an excellent sense of balance is required
    • and you MUST be able to ride a bicycle
      (practice on bicycle: VERY SLOW RIDING and FIGURE 8's)
    • must be in excellent health
  • Qualifies graduates for motorcycle license test waiver (certificate card must be taken to local DMV to have "Motorcycle Endorsement" placed upon the driver's license. 
  • Qualifies graduates for insurance premium discounts with some motorcycle insurers. Check with your particular insurance agent.
  • You must have a minimum Florida Class E Learner License to participate.

Since this course is both very physically and mentally demanding, participants must be in good physical condition and mentally alert at all times.

The Basic RiderCourse is a research-based and student interactive program, aimed at beginner -immediate riders.

MOTORCYCLE SAFETY TRAINING COURSE FLORIDA MSFThe Basic RiderCourse is a course of instruction for those 15˝ years of age and older who wish to develop safe street riding skills. This course is state required for motorcycle license applicants! The course consists of classroom instruction (minimum of eight hours), along with ten (+/-) hours of practical riding in a safe and controlled, off-street environment performing several motorcycle riding exercises. This provides the participants with first hand experience in various techniques and maneuvers which will prepare them for the demands of street riding. While previous motorcycle riding is not necessary, the ability to ride a bicycle is required.

ONCE AGAIN: Since this course is both physically and mentally demanding, participants must be in good physical condition and mentally alert at all times.

In the Basic RiderCourse, you will learn:

  • How to safely ride your motorcycle.
  • Basic procedures:
    • what to wear, motorcycle controls, how to start and stop your motorcycle.                                    
  • Street smart strategies in avoiding trouble and to stay safe.
  • How to maneuver your motorcycle in challenging situations:
    • swerving, avoiding collisions, weather conditions, and special situations, lane changes, passing, and avoiding hazards.

Motorcycles are furnished, for you, for the Basic RiderCourse.EASY RIDER MOTORCYCLE TRAINING FLORIDA MSF SCHOOL

Helmets, gloves and eye protection are available, at no charge. if you do not have any at the time of your scheduled class. A list of other required items will be sent in a "new-sign-up" packet (as well as posted on this page - or scroll to bottom of this page to view the entire list of REQUIRED ITEMS)

Your RiderCoaches are certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF). They will start you off with straight-line riding, turning, shifting and stopping. You will gradually progress to cornering, swerving and emergency braking. In the classroom you will learn about the different types of motorcycles, their controls, and how they operate. The RiderCoaches, all experienced motorcyclists, will advise you on what to wear for comfort and protection. You'll find out how alcohol and other drugs affect your ability to ride safely. A very important segment of the course will show you how to create your own strategy for riding in traffic, and dealing with critical situations. The course concludes with a knowledge test and skill evaluation. You'll smile with satisfaction as the RiderCoach hands you the course completion card, which you show at the local DMV Office to have a "Motorcycle Endorsement" placed on your driver's license.

Please note - Being a STATE CERTIFIED PROGRAM, NO REFUNDS can be made. This is NOT a private lesson program, ... you ARE in a group situation. Acceptance in the class does not guarantee successful completion. You MUST keep pace with the rest of the class.

Basic RiderCourseSM

These are NOT private lesson programs, you ARE in a group situation. Acceptance in the class does not guarantee successful completion.


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Experienced RiderCourseSM "Suite"
For the "more experienced rider" . We recommend that you have at least 6 months of active riding time or 3,000 miles on your SPECIFIC MOTORCYCLE which you plan to ride. If you have a question contact us! or 386 793 - 3262

COST: $100  ($25 additional for a passenger)


  • One day course,
  • Range work ONLY, no classroom,
  • Ride your OWN MOTORCYCLE,
  • You must have proof of liability insurance on the motorcycle brought for the course,
  • You must be at least 21 years of age,
  • You must be an "ACTIVE RIDER" - on your specific motorcycle, which you plan to use for the class.
  • You must ride or trailer your motorcycle TO the range,
  • You must bring your own, or bring written permission to use another privately-owned, motorcycle and show proof of liability insurance on that motorcycle.
  • You must wear a 3/4 or Full Face helmet either your own or you can borrow one of ours (DOT approved - must show DOT sticker)
  • You must provide your own protective gear.
    • Helmet (if you have one)
    • Full-fingered Gloves
    • Eyewear (sunglasses are accepted on the range)
    • Long-Sleeve Shirt/Jacket
    • Long-sturdy pants (jeans are fine)
    • Over-the-Ankle boots

    ERC qualifies graduates for insurance premium discounts with some motorcycle insurers.

Even if you've been riding for some time, there's always something new to learn. Increasing numbers of seasoned riders are flocking to this program which greatly expands the skills of all riders. The ERC Suite hones one's skills and fine-tunes the mental skills needed for survival in traffic, on YOUR SPECIFIC motorcycle.

The ERC Suite is actually a set of two (2) distinct MSF RiderCourses.

  1. The Skills "Practice" RiderCourse is for motorcyclists, on their own motorcycle, seeking to "fine tune" their riding skills after passing the BRC (Basic RiderCourse).
    >NO SKILLS or WRITTEN EXAM is required at the end of class.
  2. The Skills "Plus" RiderCourse is for motorcyclists (and passengers - $25 extra), on one's own motorcycle, looking for extra skills training and to help your passenger  to learn to ride more safely as a "passenger".
    >NO SKILLS or WRITTEN EXAM is required at the end of class.

EXPERIENCED and BASIC RIDER CLASSES AVAILABLE at EASY RIDER MOTORCYCLE TRAINING in FLORIDABoth  ERC Suite RiderCourse includes nine (9) riding exercises and between-exercise discussions for rider skill development which lasts up to 5 hours (+/-).

We'll discuss, with your peers, how to balance the mental and physical aspects of safe riding, manage risk, increase visibility and optimize your lane position.

The Experienced RiderCourse also covers protective gear, rider responsibility, motorcycle inspection and care, the effects of alcohol and other drugs on riding, and an optional skill evaluation. (depending on which suite you wish to take) Using your own motorcycle, you'll put into practice the techniques of managing traction, controlling rear-wheel skids, stopping quickly, cornering and swerving.


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ITEMS that you will  NEED FOR RIDING  (listed below):


You MUST have these items in order to ride on the range, on the weekend!

Flagler Regional Motorcycle Safety Training will have available to you, at no cost, Helmets, Gloves and Eyewear, if you do not have these at the time of your scheduled class.
Items we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you bring to the class on the weekend:
  • Small Cooler with cold drinks / snacks / fruit / etc.
    (to keep your energy up  - we have a LOT of riding time!)
  • Rain Gear (no ponchos)
  • Towel or Bandana (depending on heat/humidity)
  • Sun Screen - this IS FLORIDA!

You will ride regardless of weather. 
Your MSF RiderCoach is the final authority on stopping the exercises due to weather.    If hot and sunny, bring water and sun screen.  A CamelBack® or similar hydration system is advisable.  Be prepared to get wet if it is raining.  A rain suit is always a good item to have, even in "sunny Florida"!

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