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What is Easy Rider Motorcycle Safety Training?

Easy Rider Motorcycle Safety Training was formed to bring quality rider training to the region north of Daytona Beach comprising Northern Volusia, Flagler and St. John's counties. Nestled next to the Motorcycling Mecca of Daytona Beach, this region is a year-round hotbed of motorcycle activity.

Contracted with the state of Florida through the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) and its Florida Rider Training Program (FRTP) to offer the BRC and ERC Suite program on a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) certified training range located on a facility of the Flagler County Schools.FLAGLER EASY RIDER TRAINING PROGRAM MOTORCYCLE CLASSES ENDORSEMENT

Easy Rider Motorcycle Safety Training courses are taught by MSF Certified Trained RiderCoaches.  Experience and passion are prerequisites for MSF RiderCoaches.  They not only enjoy motorcycling, but enjoy teaching and sharing their skills. Our RiderCoaches create a friendly and supportive environment which encompasses knowledge with interaction.

You have all that, and more, with the Easy Rider Motorcycle Safety Training Program!  We pride ourselves in our smaller classes which allows better instruction targeted specifically for your needs and more ride time. Larger classes mean longer lines. Would you rather sit or ride?

And yes, you will ride! For the Basic RiderCourseSM (BRC), you will be issued your own motorcycle.  We will take you through the entire course step by step based on your needs and goals.

This gives you the chance to ride on a  range designed to deliver a "real-road" experience in a safe controlled environment. You will start slowly, getting familiar with the Easy Rider Motorcycle Training - starting with square one knowledge.  In the Basic RiderCourseSM you will "kick into gear" and learn basic skills such as: braking, cornering, weaving, and turning, plus other basic maneuvers such as fast-stop braking, stopping quickly in a curve, avoiding obstacles, and more.

WHAT FUN! LEARN TO RIDE A MOTORCYCLE TODAY! FLORIDA EASY RIDER TRAININGYou will receive your Motorcycle Safety Foundation RiderCourseSM completion card after passing a multiple-choice written knowledge test  and a riding skills evaluation. This card exempts you from having to take both the Florida written and riding portion of your license test to receive your Motorcycle endorsement" on your Florida Driver's License. You just take your "MSF Completion Card" to your local Florida DMV Office to show them that you have successfully passed the course.  For all other states, be sure to contact the DMV Office in your specific state for exemption information.


  • Simply take your ENDORSEMENT CARD to any Drivers License Office to get MC added.

Prices are subject to change -
check with your Easy Rider Motorcycle Training RiderCoach for the latest updates!

Depending on your insurance provider, the completion card can also qualify you for a substantial discount - usually 10 to 20% - on motorcycle coverage. Check with your insurance company for details. You can receive MANY ADDITIONAL BENEFITS from showing your MSF Completion Card to local dealers, ordering accessories, equipment, etc.  Call ahead for details!

So remember, before you fire-up your bike's ignition and roll down the highway, you need to learn some basic information to keep you safe and ride smart. This means spending quality time in both the classroom and on the range with an MSF Certified RiderCoach. The MSF classes are fast-moving, and an interactive program which will introduce you to the world of motorcycling.

You will ride regardless of weather. 
Your MSF RiderCoach is the final authority on stopping the exercises due to weather.  Normally, lightning or extreme wind conditions are the only reasons to stop the range activities.  If hot and sunny, bring water and sun screen.  A CamelBack® or similar hydration system is advisable.  Be prepared to get wet if it is raining.  A rain suit is always a good item to have, even in "sunny Florida"!

Please note - Being a STATE CERTIFIED PROGRAM, NO REFUNDS can be made. This is NOT a private lesson program, you ARE in a group situation. Acceptance in the class does not guarantee successful completion. You MUST keep pace with the rest of the class.



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